Smiling is contagious 😀

Hello All,

I’ve decided to write my experiences down in this blog in the hope of improving my well being in aspects that I will shortly name and to serve as a memoir when i am older and (hopefully) wiser. My goal is to share the most important things that are happening in my life at the moment with the exception of my girlfriend which I love dearly and look forward to spending my future with her. What I WILL share with you is as follows:

  1. The Maca Journey : Documenting my experience consuming Black Maca powder and Huanarpo Macho. I have been mixing it in my water for the past 2 weeks with the aim of improving my sex life and fitness goals.
  2. Living in Peru: The experiences of living in Lima Peru.
  3. Entrepreneurship/Work: Currently working in Lima as an English Teacher while i look for a better paying job. Also would love to be a self starter.

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