28 de Julio

img_7092July 28th, 1821. The day Peru gained its independence from the old world power that was Spain. 28 de Julio is also the name of the street that I live on here in Lima and I like to think that it is poetic that I am living on this very street when I myself am fighting for liberation.

My struggle is within. Like all good battles, the one within is the hardest. I am strong as I am weak. I am smart as I am ignorant. I am filled with vitality as I am drained of it. In my mind is where I fight my battle.I am my own Jose de San Martin. In my mind is where I’ll overcome my biggest challenge: myself.

July 28th, today this date is reserved for joyous celebration where Peruvians travel domestically and spend time with their families and friends. It is a day commemorating its independance and fallen heroes. Av. 28 de Julio, This is where I celebrate MY liberation. This is where I win my battle.


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