New Year

It took me about 2 hours before the ball drop to get genuinely excited to ring in the new year. I’m sure in hindsight 2016 will be a great year but not having a steady job will do that to a man. There is ONE thing that made my mood a whole lot better: My Girlfriend. My mouth literally dropped when she came out.


I had to wake up my neighbor so he can take this Pic.


Having a beautiful date is an amazing pick-me-up, let me tell you. I took a shower, smoked a little weed, drank a little rum, and threw on the best outfit I could muster from my wardrobe deficient closet. After spraying my favorite cologne on I was ready to hit the buzzing streets of Miraflores. My house is a 20 minute walk to LarcoMar, the most visited attraction in Lima, where I suspected there would be a cool scene with a big crowd. Once there, We saw an awesome party at Mango’s, a restaurant, and decided to give it a try. After being charged by the bouncer 150 Soles ( about 50 dollars)  for entry we rushed upstairs to catch the fireworks. It was 11:59.45 When I ran into my Uncle Lucho. I haven’t seen him since I’ve been here and out of all time and places we have a nice reunion.


Tio Lucho


It was the perfect way to end a perfect night. It was a perfect start to a New Year’s.


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